From anabolic steroid rags to riches. A larger than life anabolic steroid enhanced story.

From steroid rags to steroid riches. A story about a youg man from a small European country who through the help of anabolic steroids succeeded in the big white world. First became a bodybuilding champion in Europe than went to USA to become a seven time Mister Olympia the worlds most renowned bodybuilding title along with countless other victories that inspired millions to live a stronger,From anabolic steroid rags to riches. A larger than life anabolic steroid enhanced story. Articles fuller, healthier, more muscular and better life, went on to become a bodybuilding promoter through his renowned yearly Classic bodybuilding show. A motion picture sensation first through documentaries like pumping iron than through mainstream motion pictures with his career spanning more than 3 decades. And in the end being a foreigner elected to the most important polytical chair in his state of residence.

His story is a classical success story worthy of being depicted in a motion picture unchanged. He has competed with the best in his sport and beat them all 7 times. And it was not that he won because there wasn’t much competition. He won in a higly competitve sport with very dedicated, disciplined and genetically gifted individuals. He was the most muscular, had the best symetry and was the most shreded and fat free athlete in the line up from every angle. And he also achived this at above average height that is a disadvantage as it is way harder to pack quality muscle mass on a larger – taller frame.

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He overcame many obstacles including the language barrier that has to this day been a challenge. Jet people took him as one of their own he came in the big USA melting pot as the underdog and emerged on top after just a couple of years and manage to turn to gold everything he touched.

What earned him the widespread acclaim and praise was primarily his muscular and shreded physique along with the self esteem that goes with it. His low pitched voice could also be attributed to anabolic steroids. Dianabol, deca durabolin and many testosterone esters were readily available at the time and ment the difference between the average Joe and the athletic champion he became.

All people have a genetically designated muscle mass and body fat %, a lot can be achived through a strennous diet and exercise, but you can never surpass your God given maximum, naturally that is.

Anabolic steroids sustanon, dianabol, anadrol, primobolan, winstrol, clenbuterol, HGH, HCG. Buy now.

It takes anywhere from 2 to 6 years of serious training and diet to achieve your natural peak, but once you are there, it is almost impossible, no matter what you do, to get bigger, better, more buffed and more cut.

That is the time when one has to make a decision, weather to use anabolic steroids or not. Anabolic steroids sustanon, trenbolone, primobolan, winstrol and others are the most effective performance enhancers known to man that can make him surpass the genetical potential considerably. Enhanced muscle growth and fat loss can also be achived over a relativelly short period of time.

Wheather one opts for testosterone in any shape or form ( enanthate, cypionate, propionate or oral andriol ) or steroid pills like Anadrol or Dianabol is not that important. All steroids work in a similar way and one chooses them in regards to his own needs or desires. But the most important decision is, should I stay natural and confined to the same level how much does steroids cost or even slowly fade away, or should I go on take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Many opt for the later as they want to get the best possible level that is not achieveable without steroids.

They still train hard, in fact, they train harder than the natural athlete as steroids also improve the mental focus, positive agressiveness and pain tolerance which all alowes athlete to train harder than ever.

Muscle recouperation is faster, nitrogen retention improved and fatigue lessened. Everyone is doing them, if they’re not they fall behind, especially in sports like bodybuilding. They are used by footballers, basketballers, even baseballers that are usually the less fit athletes, not to mention track and field. They have helped many athletes to a better and more succesfull career on and off the field giving them the confidence to even go for and reach high leader positions as did the guy in the beginning of this article. Few deaths have been attributed to steroids alone, so why are they portraid in such a bad manner? Maybe preciselly because of the fact that they make such dreams possible.